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Circuit City Demands All Copies of Mad Magazine with Ad Parody Destroyed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In this month's Mad Magazine, there's an ad parody for Circuit City (Sucker City! Oh, Mad Magazine you rascal!) that takes aim at the electronics retailer. Always across the street from a Best Buy! Expensive TVs! The price always goes down right after you bought it! Wah wahhhh! I wasn't even aware that Circuit City sold Mad Magazine, but apparently they do, and they sure are pissed. In fact, they're ordering every store to destroy every copy of the offending issue. Hit the jump for the full ad parody and Circuit City's internal response.


I'm not sure if they're upset more because they got made fun of or because the parody is, like pretty much everything else in Mad Magazine, terrible. [Consumerist]