Citroën Ad Makes a Giant Rubik's Cube Out of Cars

This Citroën ad combines three things that dorks like us have a soft spot for: Rubik's Cubes, flashy special effects and environmentally-sound cars. Sure, it doesn't really go into any detail about the car itself, but we'll let it slide this time. [ViaComIT via]


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almost as kooky as the ice-skating robot that transformed from a citroën C4. almost.

that company has the best ad staff in the auto biz.

and screw that stereotype of an american car, i'm a speed demon, i live in america, and i still prefer a European-made car with a small four-banger over a gas guzzler. why? because cars like that have a good power-to-weight ratio, so they can be fuel efficient, and still drive like a thrill. and a 70 horsepower car would work great in the US, a few weeks ago i saw the first smart car to ever officially make it to US shores at a car show, and it was grabbing more attention than classic dodge chargers and ferraris. the only problem is that smart can be sold through mercedes, but citroën has no US distribution set up, and it would be expensive to start now.