Citymaps: This Is Your Maps App Replacement

Google Maps is pretty great. So is Foursquare and Yelp and Instagram. Now imagine combining the best of all those and what you get is Citymaps. It's a brand new type of map for iOS that lets you explore what's around you and share it with friends.

Trust me, this is actually pretty neat and might replace all of the services mentioned above. And yes, it has driving directions, walking maps and public transit information.

So, what else makes Citymaps so great? Take, for instance, Foursquare, which allows you to create lists and share said lists with friends. But there's no actual way to plot those businesses out on a map, so you're constantly going back and forth to figure out where you are and where those places might be. With CityMaps, you simply add POIs to your map or, for instance, create a list of the best dive bars and share that with your friends.

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Based in New York, the vector-based mapping service has over 15 million businesses already plugged into the matrix that spans the whole of the US. Dipping into each business pulls up relevant information like directions, Instagram photos, popular Foursquare tips, menus and the ability to add them to a particular map you've created. As you browse the businesses around you, you might also notice that certain POIs appear larger than others. You're vision isn't impaired. Citymaps simply bubbles those POIs up because it's being talked about very loudly on various social media channels.

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Once you've created a map, your friends and followers can see those maps and overlay them to their own maps and even make suggestions. But don't worry, your maps are private and hard to stumble upon, says Citymaps founder Elliot Cohen. In the near future, Cohen says they'll add the ability to make everything private.


Citymaps has also partnered with major brands and magazines, like Time Out, for highly curated maps that you might be of interest to you, in the event you're in a new town or visiting.

Even though I've only had access to the app for a couple of days, it's quickly become indispensable. Now all I need are my friends and family to jump on board and get on the wagon. Oh, and Android is on the way, too. [App Store via Citymaps]


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Yes, but can it tell me where the cops are on the highway? So i know when to slow down just a tad. Thats why I love waze. Might just have to have another map app on phone.