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Class Action Settlement Could Net Scratchy 1st-Gen iPod Nano Owners Up To $25

Illustration for article titled Class Action Settlement Could Net Scratchy 1st-Gen iPod Nano Owners Up To $25

If you have a first-gen Nano and don't mind filling out some forms and waiting, well, potentially a very long time, you could jump on the class-action bandwagon alledging the 1Gs were illegally scratchy.


I'm kind of baffled how a judge who probably doesn't know a 1G Nano from his 40G gavel can be in charge of making this decision, and thus costing Apple $22.5 million in class-action payouts. You're eligible for $15 if your Nano came with a slip cover and $25 if it was an early one that did not.

You can find all the info here, and if you're feeling skeptical, this team of Mac Rumors forum commenters is on the case, investigating if this is real or not (it is). The whole thing will be finalized at a fairness hearing on April 28. [ipodnanosettlement via BGR]

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This really is stupid. People didn't just wake up one day and say "OH SHIT MY IPOD IS SCRATCHED ALL TO FUCK". They probably got a nick here, then a nick there, and after actually using one of these things, it didn't seem any more scratch-prone than my previous 5th generation video iPods. I've seen some pretty scratched up examples, but they were still usable, even if the aesthetic was mucked up.