Classic Science Fiction Novels, Reviewed by Nudists

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There are tons of sites out there with reviews of science fiction books — but what if you want the nudist perspective? The site Yarns Without Threads has you (metaphorically) covered.

Yarns has tons and tons of book reviews, all from a nudist perspective — and most of the books reviewed seem to be science fiction. The books are examined with a particular eye to how much nudism and shame-free nudity they contain — and not surprisingly, Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld books get an examination. Also discussed at length is the nudism in John Varley's Steel Beach:

Partial and total nudity are entirely acceptable in this society - and can be desirable, to show off one's latest body. As you can see from the extracts, it is clear that this is only within the context of an Eight Worlds version of our current cult of the body beautiful. Ugliness should be covered up or disguised. However, Varley acknowledges that nudity can be practical, with one character spending her whole life nude. Anyone for brontosaur farming? Ignore the dinosaurs, the special features of a lunar colony, DNA-modification and all the other SF constructs and the attitudes to nudity are not disimilar to those found in current non-SF novels of many differing styles, eg Nicola Barker's Wide Open and Leslie Meier's Star-Spangled Murder. Put another way, in terms of social nudity, Varley isn't delivering (particularly) speculative fiction. Which is in no sense a criticism, merely an observation.


Sort of an interesting exercise, if you're curious about how much nudity (and nudism) your favorite science fiction author includes in his/her work. [Yarns Without Threads]