Clayton Hawkins: 1nternet Friends

Up-and-coming hard pop artist Clayton Hawkins today released the music video (above) for the super catchy song "1nternet Friends," off his brand new EP, Pixels, (dropping later this month).


Gizmodo caught up with Clay, who was happy to spill the story behind Pixels and "1nternet Friends"...

On the first day of recording my first solo EP, I spilled tea all over my computer in the studio. Obviously it sucks when your computer gets fucked up, but I was taken aback by how devastated I actually was. I felt gutted. I was more upset than when I had broken up with my last boyfriend. I know that's gross to say, but it's true.

You don't realize how dependent you are on technology until it breaks on you. I suddenly was inspired to write about a subject that isnt written about nearly enough in pop music. The life-consuming, heart-breaking, discovery-world that is the Internet. Social media and online dating sites (hey grindr) are supposed to connect us together. But more often than not, they leave me feeling isolated and confused.

"1nternet Friends," and Pixels as a whole, are about coming of age and trying to connect to others in this weird new world.

Thanks, Clay!



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