Clearwire Cleared for First WiMax Laptop Card; Is It Moto's Baby?

Illustration for article titled Clearwire Cleared for First WiMax Laptop Card; Is It Motos Baby?

Motorola is stepping up to the plate, bringing all you wireless lovers the first WiMax-capable laptop card. The card brings high-speed, high-range wireless goodness straight to your lappy connecting with Clearwire Mobile's WiMax service (which covers 37 markets within California, Florida and Washington).


Clearwire got the FCC okay to support a wireless card on its 802.16e wireless network. Our guess is that it will be this Motorola Expedience card, which Clearwire itself designed before selling that hardware division to Moto. The card likely won't be out till late this year so there's no word on pricing. What we do know is that when it does come out, it'll only play nice with Vista and Windows XP.

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Has anyone here worked with Clearwire before? I pass their offices on my bike ride into work, and have never messed with their shtuff.