Clever Editing Brings Together Three Creepy Encounters With Three Hannibal Lecters

Filmmaker Matthew Morettini may also be a mind-reader, because he’s crafted something I’ve been waiting for since my ascent from casual Hannibal viewer to full-blown Fannibal: a short video juxtaposing the same Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham scene from each of the works in which it’s appeared.

Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon provides the source material and the nearly-identical dialogue, of course, but off the page and onto the screen, the sampled works in “Recovering the Mindset” are Michael Mann’s Manhunter, Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon, and of course Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal.


The lines may overlap, but it’s fascinating to see the how the filmmaking and acting styles contrast in what’s essentially the exact same scene played three different ways. “Ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will?”

Of the piece, Morettini says:

I’ve focussed on the scene where FBI profiler Will Graham visits the cannibal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter ostensibly to ask for advice on a serial murder case but really to “recover the mindset” of a killer so he can catch this new one.

Most of the dialogue from the three adaptations come directly from the source novel so it was possible to seamlessly recreate the scene using the three productions.

I think it is a very interesting way to compare and contrast the different methods used by the filmmakers. Also, other than filmed works of Shakespeare, I can’t think of another pop culture creation that has been interpreted so faithfully three separate times.

[Via Laughing Squid]


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