At Toy Fair earlier this year we were surprised to discover that edible candy bubbles were not only a thing, they were also surprisingly tasty. But why stop at candy flavors? The next time you find yourself headed to a tedious children’s birthday party, you can now whip up a batch of edible boozy bubbles instead—just keep them away from kids.

This $20 kit comes with six bottles partially-filled with edible bubble solution that can be flavored by simply topping it off with your beverage of choice. Everything from cola, to lemonade, to coffee should work. But since no one will suspect that a tiny bottle of bubbles will be alcoholic, it’s a clever way to smuggle floating shots of beer, wine, tequila, or whatever your poison may be.


Walk into a wedding ceremony with a bottle of scotch in hand and you’ll almost certainly be escorted out. But start blowing scotch-soaked bubbles and everyone will think you’re just adding to the magic. Little do they know you’re just trying to make the festivities more tolerable.