This morning, hackers took down some of Washington DC's government websites. But as DCist reports, the hackers who did it probably thought they were going after the federal government. Sigh.

The DDoS attack on the government websites came courtesy the "UGNazi" hacking collective. The hackers have also claimed responsibility for attacks on and this morning. DCist scored and interview from "Cosmo," a Staten Island-based hacker who is a member of the collective:

"We our attacking because the way the government treats the internet," he wrote in an email. "It seems is if they don't care about our input and for that they will pay. We were sending various attacks via Botnet to make the servers crash. We will be launching future attacks on and various DC and government websites."


Except the hackers might have been damning the wrong man. According to what the hackers told Softpedia:

"The capital of US is in DC. Seems the government doesn't care about what we think about. The best place to hit them is at there heart," one of the hackers told us, referring to the attack on

Apparently, Mr. Cosmo and company didn't realize that just because Washington DC can't approve its own yearly budget and has no voting representation on Capitol Hill doesn't mean launching an attack on is anything close to an attack on the feds. In fact, the Federal government really doesn't care about DC at all. [DCist]