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CNet reviews cars, too. And here, Auto Editor Wayne Cunningham gives the Lexus 460L the publication's only perfect 10 rating. Just one question for you, buddy: Do you hate driving?

I don't want to argue details. We are actually very fond of the self-parking sedan's endless list of innovations and toys, too. But being a geek car isn't just about the dashboard. The car itself is a gadget, too. And toys be damned, this one is the automotive equivalent of a Stepford wife. It's fantastic, but it's too boring to be a 10.


There's a much better car to nominate for that.

It shouldn't even be a mystery. The front runner for a Gizmodo's "Perfect 10" Geek Car is the Tesla electric roadster. It's an ill kept secret that the Tesla is built on a Lotus Elise's chassis, which I had the pleasure of driving through canyons in the deserts outside of Vegas. (Pictured above) And, my informal poll of roughly a dozen auto journos shows me it's the car most would buy if they had to choose. I'd agree. I've never had so much fun driving, credit to the endless grip in this street legal go kart. I even enjoyed it more than the Ferrari F430. The Tesla's addition of powerful electrics gives this chassis the geek cred it needs to be our "Perfect 10". And since this is Gizmodo, you should know that the Lotus did have an iPod dock with a mount that could withstand exceptional cornering forces.

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