CNET Writer Gets Nabaztag, Fails to Fall In Love

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CNET writer Daniel Terdiman is a cruel, heartless sort of dude: he got a Nabaztag (one of those electronic bunnies that reads you the news and wiggles its ears), but completely failed to fall in love with the floppy eared technological marvel:

I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be... Spoken messages from fellow bunny owners are fun. Even watching LapinLED do "tai chi" at random times was kind of neat...But ultimately, that's all there is. This is a $150 toy. It flashes. It speaks. But it's a novelty. And despite my initial excitement, I find myself a little underwhelmed.


If you want to send him some bunny love to put him back on track, his Nabaztag is called LapinLED and you can send messages here. Just don't send any rude messages: the idea of a cute electronic bunny shouting expletives across the CNet offices is just plain wrong.

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