When not busy looking for "if it bleeds, it leads" stories to report on, CNN sometimes fills its airtime with cute little tech reviews. This week, they (well, The New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin) looked at the Microsoft Zune. We already know that our very own Jason Chen has testified, under pain of death, that the Zune is pretty good (then again, he puts next-gen game consoles down his pants...), but our friends at CNN seem to disagree.

The review starts off positively enough, but then the anchors weigh in with their valuable opinions. Watch as Soledad O'Brien whips out an iPod shuffle for seemingly no reason; marvel as Miles O'Brien demand that Microsoft hire better design guys. Overall, an extraordinarily in-depth review.

There, someone who doesn't think that the Zune is the Savior of Man.

Thanks, Richard!

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