Coffee Cup Powers Your Morning...and Your Gadgets

Illustration for article titled Coffee Cup Powers Your Morning...and Your Gadgets

Without that cup of coffee in the morning most of us would be completely useless. Now our gadgets can get the same jump start thanks to this coffee cup charger from PowerLine. It features 2 AC outlets and one USB charging port with 200 watts of continuous power (400 watt peak). That's enough to power up some TVs and laptops. Because of its coffee cup shape, the charger fits snugly into most cup holders so it would be ideal for long trips. Just make sure that you don't reach for the PowerLine when you are looking for a sip of Starbucks. Sticking your tongue in this thing would be seriously unpleasant. Available for $27. [Amazon via GadgetGrid via Coolbuzz]



This is cool, but for personal reasons I could not buy it. On long trips, my mom puts a snub nosed pistol in an empty coffee cup in her console and pops the top back on. I told her its illegal, and not really safe, but dont argue with a little old lady who is packing heat and jacked up on caffeine.