Coffee Mastery Lives in Counter Culture's Geared Out Training Center

Behind the veneer of bearded hipsters that floods the world of high-end coffee lies an intricate field of science, gadgetry, and taste requiring years of experience to master. Counter Culture is at the forefront of coffee education, and their new NYC training center is the apex of techniques and technology.

We visited the beautifully designed new location and were shown the ropes by equipment technician Tommy Gallagher. The airy, modern space is composed of various stations and rooms devoted to grinding, testing, and brewing coffee in its many forms.


Every aspect to brewing coffee is granted the utmost care and precision with a slew of gadgets, from the latest and greatest, such as the new modular Modbar espresso system, to time-honored methods of pouring water over dry grounds. Behind each method Gallagher pointed out some key mechanisms, whether it is controlling the pressure during a shot of espresso, or measuring the refractive index of a coffee sample.

Anyone is free to take classes here, and the environment is terrific for learning, with bleacher-style seating overlooking demonstration counters, video projection, and of course, more than one of all the industry-standard gear. With training centers like these eager to plumb the depths of coffee knowledge, hopefully more people will see the world of coffee for more than just its trendy exterior.


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