Coke's Arcade Machine Accepts Plastic Bottles Instead of Quarters

Sometimes all that's needed to encourage people to recycle is a little incentive. That's why pop cans and beer bottles have deposits, and why Coca-Cola built an arcade machine that runs on empty plastic soda bottles instead of quarters.

Sure, it's also a way to advertise sugar water, but that doesn't make this recent initiative any less wonderful. The Happiness Arcade was placed in six different locations in Dhaka, Bangladesh, over a week. And even though it only played a simple modified version of Pong, the machine still ended up collecting thousands of empty plastic bottles.


Which is impressive, but imagine what a game like Mortal Kombat at its height of popularity could have achieved. The streets might have been picked clean. [YouTube via Taxi]

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Be nicer if we could use the bottles to buy more Coke, actually. (Obviously it wouldn't be worth 25 cents there, but even a nickel off the price would be an incentive.)