Colin Baker Says Classic Doctor Who Stars Would Gladly Do More Silly Shorts if the BBC Would Let Them

Colin Baker’s Doctor with Peri, played by Nicola Bryant, and King Yrcanos, played by Brian Blessed.
Colin Baker’s Doctor with Peri, played by Nicola Bryant, and King Yrcanos, played by Brian Blessed.
Photo: BBC

In 2013, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and a handful of other Doctor Who stars teamed up to produce one of the silliest outings Who has ever seen—“The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot,” a half-hour parody short about the classic Doctors trying to get in on all the action of the modern-day juggernaut that the show has become. It’s a fun, goofy time, and while a follow-up is unlikely, it’s apparently not entirely out of the question.


That’s according to Den of Geek, which recently posted an in-depth interview with the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. It’s a free-wheeling chat about religion, the Doctor, and the possibility of reappearing on the show. That conversation then, naturally, turns to “The Five(ish) Doctors,” an experience Baker clearly still has fond memories of.

“That was lovely doing that,” Baker said. “Everyone did it for nothing. So a sequel—going back to that same well, all those camera people, make-up people, the locations for free—we would have to do it on a more commercial basis and the BBC probably wouldn’t let us do that. But, in theory, I’ve spoken to Peter [Davison], Paul [McGann], and Sylvester [McCoy] about it, and they’re all up for it. If it happened, we’d do it.”

He has a good point. Creating a production like that, with multiple locations, a full cast, and TV-quality cameras isn’t cheap. It’s a wonder it happened in the first place, to be frank. So it would need the financial backing of a major network, like, oh, we don’t know, the one that funds and airs Doctor Who. So if the BBC expresses interest and puts that interest where its wallet is, another iteration is possible. But only if. (A quarantine version would be a lot cheaper, but probably wouldn’t quite capture the joy the original was going for, eh?)

The full interview with Den of Geek is well worth reading for Who fans, as Baker clearly puts a lot of thought into his relationship with the series, which is now a mixture of personal history and regular fandom. Interestingly, he even talks about one of the recent old Doctor cameos the show’s had, and why he’s not necessarily all that big of a fan.

Doctor Who is presently between seasons but the BBC has a whole host of compelling Doctor Who Lockdown content on YouTube to satisfy you in the meantime. And don’t forget those Big Finish audio dramas which often feature past Who actors reprising their roles!


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