The Best Doctor Who Companion You've Probably Never Heard of Is Coming Back

Doctor Who’s revival in 2005 has given us some of the show’s finest companions, from Bill to Donna Noble. But its revival inspired another medium of Doctor Who to create a TV-series-worthy companion of its own: Big Finish’s legendary Lucie Miller, and years after she left the radio drama series, she’s back.

John Hurt Battles the Daleks in a New Clip From His Doctor Who Audio Adventures

We’ve only seen a brief snippet of John Hurt’s Time-War-ravaged incarnation of the Doctor, just his appearance in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary in 2013. But next month, that’s going to change, with the release of the first in a series of War Doctor Audio plays—and you can hear Hurt in action right now!

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble Return for Their Own Doctor Who Audio Adventures!

Big Finish have been teasing something big for a while—an ever-increasing number of audio stories set in the world of post-2005 Doctor Who. But now they’ve just announced their biggest one yet: a brand new series of adventures for the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, with both David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning!

This Is the Closest Doctor Who Will Get to a Paternoster Gang Spinoff

Fans of Doctor Who’s Victorian-era “Paternoster Gang”—Silurian and human couple Madame Vastra and Jenny, alongside their Sontaran butler Strax—have been clamoring for a spinoff since they first appeared. While that may not happen on TV, a new audio drama is the closest thing you’ll get to one anytime soon.