The 10th and 5th Doctors Are Teaming Up to Fight Cybermen

Ten and Five, together again!
Ten and Five, together again!
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The Doctor’s next Parisian adventure isn’t quite what they expected, nor as romantic as a chance encounter in the city of love might suggest. After all, most Cybermen don’t take too kindly to the idea of feelings, anyway!


Today, audio drama producer Big Finish announced the second entry in its Doctor Who: Out of Time audio series, which pairs David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor with a classic Doctor and villain for them to battle. After teaming up with Tom Baker to fight the Daleks, in The Gates of Hell written by David Llewellyn, Tennant’s Time Lord will be keeping it in the family this time, paired with father-in-law Peter Davison to fight the Cybermen.

“It’s rather nice. It’s lovely,” Tennant said in a provided press release about working with Davison—having crossed paths with the actor previously for the Doctor Who charity sketch Time Crash. “I suppose we first met each other in a work environment so it’s quite nice to revisit that.”

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The Gates of Hell sees Davison’s Fifth Doctor exploring the catacombs beneath Paris in the early 19th century only to encounter a mysterious Time Agent (played by Shelley Conn). Meanwhile, in World War II, the Tenth Doctor flees into the same catacombs to avoid the Nazis. But when the Doctor’s timelines find themselves clashing against each other, a temporal catastrophe unleashes a new timeline the Time Lords must team up to stop: a new age where the Cybermen rule earth!

Considering some of the Fifth and Tenth Doctor’s best stories came from pitting them against the Cybermen, they make for the perfect foe to unite the duo again. Out of Time: The Gates of Hell will release digitally (for £9) and on CD(£11) in June 2021, and can be pre-ordered now.


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Optimus Rex 84

Funny to know that the actor of the 10th Doctor met and married the daughter of the guy who played the 5th Doctor, and she played the 1oth Doctor’s daughter for an episode and oh dear now I’ve gone cross-eyed.