Combining gymnasts and bullet time is how you break gravity

And here I thought simple slow motion was enough to make gymnasts and breakdancers and parkour athletes look awesome. Nope. You need to add some bullet time action to turn up the intensity knob to the point where it looks like gravity is completely broken.


Marc Donahue made this bullet time video with a 20 camera GoPro Array and a Red Epic at San Diego United Training Center.

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Lenny Valentin

"Go be a hero", it advises. Yeah, as long as the damn thing doesn't smash into my brain while skiing... :P

Very cool video though. Bullet time can do so much more with video cameras constantly shooting than what was possible with the still cams used in The Matrix. Even the producers of this video doesn't explore possibilities fully - for example you could essentially ping-pong the perspective repeatedly during one of the stunts, rather than just do the now standard and rather worn "time freeze slide thing"...