Comcast Entering the Wireless Biz to Take on Verizon and AT&T

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GigaOm is reporting that Comcast has created its own wireless division and is bringing the pieces together to jump into the wireless biz to offer quadruple play bundle competition (TV, landline, internet, wireless) against Verizon and AT&T. Speculation is that they could buddy up with a WiMax deal, or flat-out buy Sprint (more likely) or T-Mobile (less likely). Usually more competition is more better, but not sure what'll come out of this Pandora's box. I'm sure the FCC will love it though. Update: A tipster tells us that the wireless move will be under their Fancast brand, which is currently the name of their online video site. Smart, avoids the negative Comcast connotations. [GigaOM]


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Gin and Panic

@DigitalNoise: I like the idea of being able to program my DVR from my cell phone; watch recorded programs on my cellphone, watch OnDemand programming from my cellphone, and whole bunch of other nice features.

You mean like AT&T's Uverse offering, which allows just what you described? Just wait for the rollout, which unfortunately looks like just short of millennium before it will be complete.