Comcast Shows Ass-Kicking Cable Modem Tech, 25x Faster But Not For You

Comcast blew the doors off the NCTA (National Cable Television Association) Cable Show in Las Vegas this week, showing off a quick-like-a-bunny cable modem using DOCSIS 3.0 technology developed by CableLabs, that group that gives the thumbs up or down to all hardware related to cable.

The tricky thing about this modem (which could someday look like the old Comcast box pictured here) is the way it lashes together four cables to give you a lickety-split download rate of 150Mb per second, a heckuva sight faster than the 2Mbps to 5 Mbps you get with a cable modem these days if you're lucky.


Rejoice. Now cable weasels like Comcast and Time Warner Cable will be able to tell their customers they're getting 25 times the speed they got before, but then throttle them by 100x, perhaps making stockholders happy. If we ever see the benefit of this technology, they'll charge us 25x for it.

Comcast CEO shows superfast modem capable of 150 Mbps downloads [Newlaunches]

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