Comcast to Stream New Theater Releases to Your Home for $50/Movie

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Don't wanna pay $12 to see Spider-Man 3 in theaters? The folks at Comcast wanna stream the movie straight to your living room provided you pay 'em between $29 to $49/per movie. That's right, for the price of a movie ticket and the DVD, Comcast will stream new releases to your home.


Personally, I think the idea is crazy. Yeah, it'd be nice to see new releases at home, but to cough up $49 for the "privilege," no thanks. Even if you own one of these, the experience won't be the same and it's just too much money to fork over for a movie which may or may not be good. What do you guys think? How much would you be willing to pay for the ability to stream new theater releases at home? Do you even wanna do that to begin with?

Comcast Wants to Charge Up to $49.95 to Stream Movies to Your Home [Consumerist]



Come on, do you think they're that stupid? Of course it'll be riddled with DRM. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't digitally watermark it as well. Then they'd be able to track you down even if you crack the chain somewhere and start pirating it.