Comcast Xtreme 105: Supafast Internet That You Can Actually Get

There are faster internet speeds to be had than offered by Comcast Xfinity's 105Mbps; Verizon FiOS pushes 150Mbps, and Google's about to endow Kansas City with 1Gbs speeds. But neither of those services has the reach—an estimated 40 million households—that Xtreme 105 does. So get ready, several major metropolitan areas! You're $105/month and a Triple Play bundle away from very fast—though not very fastest—Facebook trolling.


‘Extreme 105' Now Available to More Than 40 Million Homes From Coast to Coast

PHILADELPHIA – April 14, 2011 – Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK), one of the nation's leading providers of entertainment, information and communication products and services, announced today that its newest ultra-fast Xfinity Internet speed tier, Extreme 105, is now available to more than 40 million homes in major markets across the nation including San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and the majority of Boston, among others.

"This speed tier continues to expand our portfolio of Internet service offerings and takes them up to a whole new level," said Cathy Avgiris, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Communications and Data Services. "With it, we're powering the digital home of the future, where entire families using multiple devices – laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones – can all take advantage of high-bandwidth applications simultaneously ensuring they each have a great online experience."

The Extreme 105 Mbps service, which also offers up to 10 Mbps upload speeds, is available for new or existing customers at an introductory rate of $105 per month for 12 months as part of their Triple Play bundle. In addition, the service comes with a wireless home networking gateway that turns an entire house into its own WiFi hotspot. Comcast offers Extreme 105 service on a standalone basis, and also offers a variety of other speed tiers in either bundles or as standalone packages, so there's something for everyone and consumers can choose a service that best meets their needs.

Extreme 105 is made possible through the use of DOCSIS 3.0 technology. At a connection speed of up to 105 Mbps, Comcast customers can not only download and watch a hi-def movie in about 5 minutes, but also play online interactive games, send and receive email attachments, shop, and update social networking Web pages faster than ever before. Here are some examples that compare different online customer experiences of a 105 Mbps connection to a 6 Mbps service:

Download Example
Time at 105 Mbps
Time at 6 Mbps
High-definition movie (4 GB)
5 minutes
1 hour and 30 minutes
Standard-definition movie (1.5 GB)
2 minutes
30 minutes
Standard-definition TV show (300 MB)
20 seconds
7 minutes
Music album (10 songs or 40 MB)
3 seconds
50 seconds
Note: Typical file sizes and actual download times may vary. Times are approximate.

Xfinity Internet service includes a suite of additional features for no additional cost. These include the most comprehensive online protection suite, Constant Guard, with top-rated Norton™ Security from Symantec, a Comcast Anti-Phishing Toolbar, Secure Backup and Share, plus bot detection and notification and access to a robust online security website with tips, tools and resources to help customers protect themselves and their children at In addition, Xfinity Internet customers have free access to the Xfinity Mobile app for iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android™-powered devices. The app enables Triple Play customers to access email and voicemail features as well as seamlessly connect to the Xfinity TV app, which allows for remote DVR programming, channel listings, the ability to change TV channels on a set top box just like a remote control and much more.



As much bad as I have heard about Comcast, I would far prefer this over the miserable shittiness that is Time Warner Cable in New York City.

I have NO OTHER CHOICE, but TWC. That is not right. That is not competition, that is a monopoly.

I pay $135 a month for 15Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up, with cable TV. That is messed up and pathetic.

How can a city this big have such shitty internet?