Come To Someone's Rescue With a FlipSync USB Cable Keyring

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For a while I carried a USB drive on my keyring, but it never helped me rescue a computer lab damsel in distress like I had hoped it would. Maybe I'll fare better with Scosche's FlipSync folding USB key fobs.

If your office is anything like ours, then it's rare that a day goes by without someone asking to borrow an iPhone cable. Whether it's for a quick charge or a quick sync, these USB cables are something everyone uses—they're the lifelines to our precious smartphones—but no one seems to have them around when needed.

Scosche's FlipSyncs will make sure you're prepared for those moments (as long as you haven't lost your keys). There are two versions: one with a 30-pin Apple dock connector, which we've caught wind of before, and a new version with USB micro and mini plugs, for servicing not only phones but cameras, hard drives, and other gadgets. If in doubt, just keep both on your keyring—you never know who you might have to help. Preorder the FlipSyncs at Scosche for $20. [Scosche via Wired]


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I got one of these a while back and found it to be pretty handy in a pinch, if a little clunky. The cable is too short, and it's trick to use if you're working with an upright tower or a laptop on your lap. If you use your phone as a flash drive like me it's helpful, but not terribly practical for charging.