Comic Book Heroes Celebrate Hanukkah In This Delightful Jon Morris Art

December 24th marks the end of Hanukkah for Jewish people across the world - and to celebrate the festivities Jon Morris has been posting daily sketches throughout the holiday highlighting prominent Jewish heroes in and out of the pages of Comic books.

From the mainstream - Ben Grimm and Kate Kane - to the more obscure - like Ragman and The Hammer from NEXUS - and even guest appearances from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Morris' wonderful art has each hero posing with a Menorah Candle in celebration of their faith.


It's not just interesting to see the faiths of these characters highlighted, but the lovely little bits of character in each piece of Morris Art. Kate perching from her candle, batarang at the ready, the Tick's sidekick Arthur daintily cradling his. Lovely and festive, what more could you want for the final night of Hanukkah! Check out more of Morris' artwork at the link below.

[via Comics Alliance]

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