Commenter Hall of Fame: 92BuickLeSabre

We're all gathered here today to award the Commenter Hall of Fame trophy to 92BuickLeSabre, who joins the ranks of homerjay, Pope John Peeps II and Strider as one of the best Giz commenters of all time. Although many of his posts are excellent, which is why we're giving him one of these things, he excels when it counts. Here's one of the best from April 1, T-Day:

You know, others may not like Mr. T, but let me tell you something. I learned a lot today.

I learned to stay in school, stay off drugs, stay in drugs, to pity the foolish, to listen to my mama, to eat right, to stand up to bullies, to maintain my independence, to share, to help others, and to limit my material consumption in light of growing economic inequality...and I'm sure even more lessons that will come to me like a light bulb or a brutal punch to the face when they are needed.

And where did I learn all of this? From Mr. T.

First name Mr., last name T.

So you can jibba jabba about Mr. T as much as you want, but for those that approached today with an open mind...and dare I say it, an open heart....well, there was a treasure hidden in this April Fool's Day spectacular.

A Treasure with a capital T.

Congrats Buick. Now don't get cocky and lose that drive to make good comments, or we'll have to revoke it and demand our five bucks back. [Image via 3wishes (NSFW)]

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