CompUSA "Grand Re-Opens" in Florida, Hopefully With Less Suck

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After purchasing out-of-business CompUSA a couple months ago, TigerDirect is reanimating the red, white and blue corpse with "Grand Re-Openings" of fifteen stores in Florida, along with one brand new one. They're promising "Lower prices... New wider selection... And amazing new deals." We hope so, their prices were ridiculous even when they were actively trying to dump everything. [CompUSA via Consumerist]


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I'm not sure why they would keep the name of a place that sucked so hard in the first place, except that it's recognizable (answer my own questions much? nahh). I went into the one near me, and it was ok, looked much like the old store, but with no Macs, no games (PC or console). I did see some Seagate drives in plain brown OEM boxes - that was interesting, but I didn't do much in the way of pricing.

I read their return policy, and it is now worse than it was before they closed (they had finally come around a bit on that) so it's ashame they regressed on that point. Looks like they had new people, but no one looked particularly eager to help, and I didn't talk to anyone so I can't gauge if they have any more skills. I just assume they don't since the last time I asked a guy there something about a product and he picked the box up and read the back of it - thanks for the help, I'd forgotten how to read that afternoon. Anyway, it is nice to have someone around who sells pieces-parts so in case you need something right then - there they are.