Computer Mishaps Lead To Nerd Telepathy, In Ctrl

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Spilled soft drinks can result in superpowered office workers... or, at least, that's one of the lessons to be learned in NBC's new webcomedy Ctrl, starring Chuck's Tony Hale. Another is the tasty value of corporate sponsorship.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will center around "a down-and-out office worker finds he can suddenly read co-workers' minds and influence their behavior." The ten-episode webseries is adapted from Robert Kirbyson's short Ctrl-Z, with one significant change coming in the origin story of the series' main character; thanks to the sponsorship of Nestea, Tony Hale's character will now gain telepathic powers from spilling his sweetened iced tea over a computer keyboard, as opposed to originally just getting it from an already-broken keyboard. Apparently, Nestea isn't worried about copycat events destroying keyboards of impressionable morons all over the world.


Kirbyson will stay on to write and direct each episode; no release date has been announced.

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