Computer Repairman Steals Hard Drive, Charges Company $2000 To Fix It

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How does a computer repairman stay afloat in a troubled economy? If your name is Kevin Andrew Lutes, you perpetuate your own business through theft.

Except for the getting caught part, Lute had one hell of a plan. First, break into an office (in this case, the offices of Action Realty). Second, steal stuff related to your business (in this case, a hard drive). Third, get called to repair the computer and tell the owner that you can not only fix it, but you can retrieve all of the data as well (why, this guy is a miracle worker!). Then, bring back the drive, fix the computer and charge $50 an hour for 40 hours of work.

Unfortunately, the owner also made a call to the manufacturer of the computer, who advised him that you cannot retrieve the data without a hard drive. Police discovered Lutes' car and matched it to a car parked in Action Realty's parking lot on the night of the break in. Needless to say, Lutes' won't have to worry about making ends meet since his living expenses will most likely be picked up by the Pennsylvania penal system for some time to come. [The Morning Call via Geekologie]

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What's the vertical box taped to that case?

Also, how did the guy know that he'd be the guy called to repair it?