Concept Artist Ponders The Reimagining Of UFO, BSG Style

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Gerry Anderson's UFO remake is moving forward and already the "how will it look" speculations are running wild. Battlestar Galactica concept artist Eric Chu took a pass at darkening up this reboot — check out what he dreamed up.

CinemaSpy speculated with production illustrator Eric Chu (known for his work on the BSG reboot) as to how he would redesign and update the series. One idea is to strip down the "cheese" of the 70s and infuse the work with a gritty and dark reality... because space life is hard.

Here are a few images that Chu dreamed up. What do you think about a slightly darker but still purple-haired franchise? Chu is the expert on gritty space opera by now so we can assume, should they go down this path, this might be a fair representation of what awaits us all.


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