Confederate Fighter Motorcycle Will Cut You, Not Care

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The Fighter motorcycle by the Confederate Motor Company is available in special limited edition form at Neiman Marcus. Featuring an advanced titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, the bike is powered by a 120ci 45-degree air-cooled V-Twin engine that allegedly propels riders to speeds of 190mph. But we just can't get over its design—as if the bike was carved sharply from a single block of metal. In fact, we even prefer the bike to one of Confederate's latest concept designs. And how often does that happen? One of 45 Fighters can be yours for $110,000. [Neiman Marcus via Luxury Launches]

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Always thought the Wraith was badass-looking. My Ducati dealer claims they're VERY uncomfortable, but man, is that cool... Brad Pitt owns one and I read Jay Leno wanted one. The Wraith goes for over $60k, so I'm not surprised that special edition model is over $100k. I've always thought the Confederate bikes looked like a motorcycle crossed with Robocop as rendered by H.R. Giger...