Confirmed: Microsoft To Reward Zune Song Sharing

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When we last left off, the consensus was that Microsoft was still planning on rewarding song sharing with the Zune. Now we've got pretty much confirmation—unofficial, that is—that Microsoft is planning this feature.


At a conference in Seattle this past Saturday, both J Allard and Christina Calio, both from the Zune team, talked about implementing such a system. The Zune team plans to reward people with Microsoft Marketplace Points, the same points you use on both Zune Marketplace and Xbox 360 Marketplace.


A reader commented last time that this looks very similar to Weedshare, and it seems like Microsoft seems intent on cloning Weedshare for their own song sharing and rewarding functionality.

Thanks to the tipster!


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I doubt such a scam would work. It would silly for M$ to hand out points at the point of sharing. In other words, your Zune does not track how many times it shares a song or whom it shares it to. Instead, when someone downloads a song you are sharing, it is marked with your Mareket Place ID (or someother ID to specify it came from you). Then when the person decides to buy the song from the Market Place using your downloaded song as refernce, your account is then credited with the a certain number of points.

Granted, this is all speculation based on how I would implement such a system (if I was as interested in making money as Microsoft). If the points were awarded at the point of sharing, people would organize huge Zune parties where everyone shares out their music and everyone one else downloads it. Imagine an entire warehouse of people doing this (it wouldn't be hard to organize), now imagine this in every city once a month. The entire economy of both the Zune Marketplace and the Xbox 360 Marketplace would collapse.

But is good to see M$ will do something to use tha wireless feature. With out a reward like this, I suspect most people wouldn't waste their battery.