Confirmed: Verizon V-Cast Mobile TV Launching Tomorrow

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Laptop Mag's just confirmed that Verizon's V-Cast Mobile TV service will launch tomorrow, the first of March. Verizon's planning to have eight channels at launch—which is actually more than the number of of HD channels I get from Comcast—which will be both live and time-shifted.

The channels are "CBS, Comedy Central, ESPN, Fox, MTV, NBC Entertainment, NBC News, and Nickelodeon." Pricing? $15 a month or $25 with a bundled V-Cast and Mobile Web package. Fantastic news for people who enjoy car accidents; terrible news for pedestrians who don't enjoy getting hit by cars.

Verizon V CAST Mobile TV Launching Tomorrow [Laptop Mag]

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agreed mine is like 137. when will they realize that they cant keep charging 10-30$ for every little feature. verizon is like the worst value if u want a lot of features... not to mention the OS on their fones, will all the disabled technology features and all.