Confused Ravers Terrorised by Aphex Twin's Face Mapping Demonstration

Imagine the scene. It's late. It's dark. You've had a bit to drink. You're happily dancing away in a world of your own, staring at the big screen. Then up comes your face with Aphex Twin's demonic branding over it.

That's what happened to audience members at an Aphex Twin show during the London Electronic Dance Festival over the weekend, with face-mapping technology superimposing the Twin's wide-eyed maniac alter-ego over the faces of innocent party-goers, live. Like this:

Their nightmares will be based upon this scene for decades to come - Thanks Faraz.

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Nice, if a little evil, idea. But not quite perfectly executed for freaking people out.

More real face, less twin, and a subtle fade between the two rather than sharp cut/flash for a more "WTF?" sense of tripping out.