Connection Glass

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The Connection Glass was born out of two things product designer Priscilla Bernikowicz realized about bars: 1) that they're terrible places to meet people, because the noise prevents you from hearing what anyone is saying, and 2) that people clutch their glasses like security blankets. So the Connection Glass is kind of like Dodgeball except not on your cellphone, in that it tells you who is in your vicinity and lets you look at their profiles and send messages. You can exchange details with someone you find interesting by clinking your glasses together.

It's an interesting idea, and Bernikowicz is looking for backing so she can do more research and go into production, but at the end of the day is this something we really want or need? Most of us spend our work day locked down in front of a computer screen, only to spend our nights out coordinating our social lives over tiny cellphone screens. Instead of having more interfaces between us we should just relearn how to actually talk to each other face to face.


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