Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights: The Complete Text

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There's maybe no issue that affects you more directly in today's tech world than that of internet privacy. Our whole lives are online, and we too often don't even know who has access to it. Will Obama's proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights change all that? Time to decide for yourself.

Following is the complete text of the proposal released today by the administration. It seems perfectly well-intentioned and comprehensive. The bigger question, though, is if it's enforceable.


White House Privacy Papers 2-23

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Man, oh, man... As a hill staffer, I cant wait to see this play out. The "old guard" of this place has no clue how to handle tech issues.

Lets not forget the famous "the internet is a series of tubes" fiasco... Sad to say, the lack of tech savvy legislators is still prevalent.

Although Senator Stevens is no longer with us today, the fact that members of congress need to bring in so called "nerds" to explain why their most of their tech-related legislation is bad is troubling.

Kudos to POTUS for trying to move in the right direction.