Contest: Win a 37-Inch Sharp Aquos TV

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Want a free 37-inch Aquos TV from Sharp? Of course you do—and the best part is that you get to put your nerd knowledge to the test in the process. All you need to do is take the "history of television" quiz after the break and send it in to us. The winner will be selected randomly from the submissions with the most correct answers. Here are your questions:

1. What was the call signal for the first broadcast television station in the United States? 2. Television was first broadcast in the 30-300 MHz range, as well as the 300-3,000 MHz range. What are the common names for these frequencies? 3. What year did color TV sales overcome black and white TV sales? 4. In January 2007, Sharp unveiled the largest LCD television at the time. How big was it? 5. WABC, the call sign for ABC's flagship station, was briefly owned by another national broadcaster until 1946. Which broadcaster owned that call sign? 6. What is the longest continuous running TV series in the world? 7. In 1884, the first patent for a television device was registered. Who registered it, and where was he from? 8. Name the group of universities and companies created in 1993 to spearhead the American HDTV specifications. 9. Who published the work "Liquid Crystals" in 1904 and is considered the father of LCD technology? 10. What year did LCD TV sales surpass CRT TV sales? 11. Which company introduced the first wall mounted LCD TV?


Once you have completed the quiz, send it (all in one email) to with the subject "Aquos TV Contest." Again, a Sharp 37" Aquos TV will be awarded to a randomly selected contestant with the most correct answers. Deadline for entries is September 12th. Good luck! Sponsored by Sharp AQUOS. Change your TV. Change your Life.



Those weren't that bad. I was hoping for more technical and less historical though. Was looking forward to questions like "What's the purpose of the pluge pulse on SMPTE color bars?".