ContourHD Films Your Extreme Escapades In HD

Illustration for article titled ContourHD Films Your Extreme Escapades In HD

The ContourHD claims to be, quite simply, the world's first wearable HD camcorder.

At just four ounces, the anodized aluminum ContourHD can snap on your ski goggles, yet it still shoots HD video (1280x720) at 30fps, or SD at 60fps. Video is stored to swappable MicroSD cards up to 16GB, meaning that up to 8 hours of HD and 16 hours of SD can be captured on a single card.

But while we can't speak to the video quality, the wide, 135-degree lens with rotation and laser alignment sounds great for capturing your stupidity from a first-person perspective (even if it's a smaller viewing angle than we see in the Go Pro Hero). Look for the CountourHD at $300 this May. [vholdr]

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A lot of work went into that photo.

30 something metrosexual- check

3 day beard growth- check

Custom painted helmet- check

Cool looking sports goggles- check

Product to be shown- check

Intense yet vapid look on models face- check

Because really, the prototype was a white space ball helmet worn buy an angular faced pimpled wienie who wore lab goggles. And that would not have sold the product.