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There isn't a kid on earth who doesn't want to wield the power of the Force after seeing Star Wars for the first time, and Uncle Milton's original mind-control Force Trainer was as close as any kid could get to being a Jedi. But now there's a new version that introduces animated holograms courtesy of an iPad that lets kids use their newfound Jedi skills on scenes from the movies.


An included wireless headset picks up on a kid's brain activity, and translates their concentration to a series of Jedi challenges included with the accompanying app. So if a child thinks hard enough, they can raise Luke's X-wing from the swamps on Dagobah just like Yoda did.

The holographic base will be available sometime this fall for $120, and while the accompanying Force Trainer II app will be free, including ten different levels to work through, additional challenges will be made available as in-app purchases. So the real Jedi mind trick here will be kids convincing their parents to cough up their credit card details so they can unlock the extra content. [Uncle Milton via Chip Chick]


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