Digital Cookbook Concept

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We love a good conceptual design around these parts. The is a horribly named digital cookbook spatula. The idea for this spatula is pretty far-fetched, but it is supposedly in a prototype phase and may eventually be available. The "face" of the spatula has an LCD screen that displays recipes and can sync to a computer via wireless. You may not want to actually use the as a spatula, but it is washable if you feel the need to flip a greasy burger with a high-tech, and likely expensive, device. Who needs a cookbook anyway? I just fill a crockpot with random ingredients and 60-percent of the time it works out everytime.

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This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen. You'd be just as well off sticking laminated Post-its with your recipes on your current spatula. Now if they took off the handle and produced an ipod sized, full screen, waterproof device that held all of your recipes all nice and categorized, we'd be talking.