Cool Tip: iPhone 2.0 Software Has Built-In Screen Capture

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You've probably seen the cool screen shots we've got all over Gizmodo today and wondered to yourself what tool we're using to make them. We're not using one, because the iPhone 2.0 software has a built-in screen capture shortcut. Hold the "home" button, then hit the "power/sleep" button, and presto, a capture of your screen is in your photos. This doesn't work in the 1.1.4 or earlier versions, so you'll need to upgrade, but chances are you already have.




Home-power/sleep versus alt-printscreen: Let the geek wars begin!

Sort of off-subject, but does anyone know why Microsoft has not switched the print screen ability in Windows to be just a matter of pressing the "Print Screen" button rather than having to hit ALT or CTRL with it? It is great to have multiple print screen methods, but, best I can tell, just pressing the button itself seems to do nothing.

[sigh] Leave it to Apple to find a way to make print screens easier on a device with only one button.