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Don't miss the big satellite radio debut of the Coolness Roundup, the weekly gadget program which we like to call "the tech show for everyone." My gizmo-obsessed buddy Stephen Schleicher and I have been doing the half-hour show as a podcast for a year and a half, and now it's been picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio as a weekly radio series.

In this week's episode, we'll be talking about the Goats and Gods of 2006, picking out the great and the not-so-great companies and products from that wild and woolly year of 2006. Plus, we'll have our patented Rapid Fire Roundup® of Cool Products we've seen during the week. Join us tonight on Sirius Stars 102 at 12:30AM Pacific Time on Sirius Satellite Radio, or you can listen to the podcast version of the broadcast here.


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