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Cordinator Hidenates, Organizenates Your Power Cords

Illustration for article titled Cordinator Hidenates, Organizenates Your Power Cords

Chalk up this device as another convenient way to get rid of all of those cords under and on top of your desk. This box has 10 power outlets inside and plenty of room to stack all of the spare cords. Feed the power end out the front and juice up all of those devices. Despite what the picture shows, the box is only available in beige and goes for $55.


Product Page [Via KK]

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Biege is the new white. Which used to be the new black.

These things might actually work good around my office. I have tried and trid to get everybody to tie up their cords, all in the am of roomba-izing the office, but still to this day it is not uncommon for my poor little Sucky to be going about his menial —- yet vitally important —- task of vacumming the office and dragging somebody's stupid mouse behind him.