Corsair is known for its high quality (even ostentatious) RAM, and they're about to up the ante with the release of a pair of 1,111MHz DDR 2 DIMMs that feature an on-board (on-chip?) cooling fan. The DIMMs, which are 2GB and have been given the name XMS 2 Dominator, also have a heatsink, but the clip-on fans will help suck air and blow it over said heatsink.


Overclockers can rest easy knowing that both Dominators meet nVidia's Enhanced Performance Profiles, allowing easy, automatic overclocking. The DIMMs will go on sale next month for $600-$650 for the PC28888 version and $380-400 for the PC28500 version. That cooling fan will run you an additional $25.

Corsair to cool high-speed DDR 2 DIMMs with clip-on fan [The Register]

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