Corsair Survivor Flash Drives Good For Mudslides, Deep Sea Hijinks, Zombie Attacks

Back in March, we introduced you to these ruggedized babies, but didn't have any specs or pricing, let alone a picture of one stuck in the mud. Now we're good to go. There's piping hot info and another, more explanatory pic, after the jump.


Now we can tell you, for instance, that they are water-resistant to 200 meters, thanks to an ethylene propylene diene monomer seal. (You'll let me know if they made that one up, right?) We can also say that they are encased in Computer Numerical Control milled aluminum "as found in aircraft part production"—and perhaps even in the occasional aircraft part too.

As for zombie attacks, just show me a zombie with the motor skills to unscrew the lid, and the presence of mind to crack your data's 256-bit AES encryption (application included). You can't, can you? Didn't think so. The 4GB Flash Survivor costs $60, and the speedier 8GB Flash Survivor GT will set you back $130.

Product Page [Corsair]


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