Corsair's New XMS2 Dominator DDR2-10000 RAM Doesn't Include Leather Pants

CeBIT'07 new product avalanche is about to hit us like a hundred walkyries brandishing bratwursts, cellphones dipped in sauerkraut and RAM modules like the new Corsair XMS2 Dominator. This 2 Gbytes DDR2 module is now available in PC2-9136 and PC2-10000 speeds and they come with more acronyms than a NASA launch checklist: they have DHX (Dual-path Heat Xchange) with a dedicated heatsink for the PCB (printed circuit board). On top of that, they are NVIDIA SLI ready and feature EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles), which enhances SPD (Serial Presence Detect) and apparently is great for over-clocking. OK, Corsair. WE (whatever). I'll be waiting for the gold version myself. I don't care about overclocking, I just want the bling-bling.


Product page [Corsair]

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