Cosplay while you sleep with these petrifying 10th Doctor Jammies

I did not think we could get worse after the Wesley Hoodie. Turns out we can. Is Think Geek taking the Human Race down a path it should not follow? All signs point to yes.

Yes, now you can cosplay as David Tennant's 10th Doctor in this new set of onesie PJs (or Pyjamas, or Pajamas depending on where you're reading this). It kinda doesn't work - I think you can't really pull off a Suit and a Coat in onesie form, so instead it just looks really weird. There's also a hood, because why not? Gotta keep warm when you're dressed as The Doctor!


At least there's a fake Sonic Screwdriver printed into one of the pockets too, so it's about as complete as you get. If you want a pair, they'll set you back $40 (cheaper than the Wesley Hoodie, but just as insidious!) from ThinkGeek.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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