Cosplayer Brings Joker's Trophy Wall To Life As A Creepy Photograph

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Brian Bolland's illustration "Joker Trophy Wall" is already a pretty gruesome piece of art, with the Joker enjoying a pipe and a drink in front of the heads of rictus-grinning superheroes. Now Joker cosplayer and photographer Anthony Misiano has brought it to life as a photograph.

Misiano is selling autographed, 11x17" copies of his "Joker Trophy Wall" remake at his shop, and a recent piece in Live Magazine takes a small, behind-the-scenes look at how the image came together. Misiano used 45 individual photographs to make the final product, including 16 photos just of the Joker. The end result makes it look like the Joker leaped out of Bolland's brain and into the real world.

This isn't the first famous Joker image that Misiano has recreated. You can see more of his Joker photographs in his store.


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