Could This Be the New World's Crappiest Projector?

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To be fair, unlike the current anti-champion of crappy projectors, the Ultra Projector isn't really designed as an alternative to, well, real projectors. But even so, this thing doesn't include audio of any sort. WTF?


Designed for little light displays and maybe as an accessory to a really lousy sales booth, the Ultra Projector is capable of farting out a 320x240 res image from 10- to 150-inches. The lamp is actually just a high-powered LED, which doesn't seem to be replaceable.

The Ultra Projector features no AV-in, just a USB port and 2GB of storage to play back some movin' pictures in a proprietary video file that requires conversion. Oh, and there's no audio. Not just no speakers, but no audio-out either. The company says, "This was done by design as audio is not needed for the applications intended," though their list of intended applications specify that this could be used as a low-cost projector for the deaf. It's claimed as "weather-proof," thought the FAQ specifies that it's not waterproof—we think that means you can leave it out in the rain, but can't take it swimming. It's available for pre-order now, aiming for an August release at a $179 price point. [Ultra Projector, Thanks, Richard!]